Slide 20: Proclaiming Times — Phil 2:1-, 1 Sm 3:3b-10, 19, Wis 11:22-12:2, Is 50:4-7

Slide 20

Here are four more texts proclaimed by experienced lectors.

Philippians 2:6 – 11 Palm Sunday Year A Lectionary #37
Beginning with “Brothers and sisters: If there is any encouragement . . .” 1 min 10 sec
Are you encouraging selflessness to be our overarching mode of living? Does each listener retain the fact that Christ is our greatest example and is worthy of adoration?

1 Samuel 3:3b – 10, 19 Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B Lectionary #65
Beginning with “Samuel was sleeping . . . “ 1 min 59 sec
Are you encouraging your listeners to emulate Samuel’s humility and obedient response to God’s call. We should also respond, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”

Wisdom 11:22 – 12:2 Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C Lectionary #153
Beginning with “Before the Lord the whole universe…” 1 min 29 sec
Do you allow enough time for each of the nine different aspects of God’s astounding love to be absorbed? Does each have a varied tone to avoid a stultifying itemized list? It’s breathtaking content demands you proclaim with a high level of controlled emotion and engaging eye contact.

Isaiah 50:4 – 7 Palm Sunday Year C Lectionary #37
Beginning with “The Lord God has given me . . . “ 52 sec

Question – What tone should this reading have?

It’s determined by who is speaking. Is it a rightfully proud, quasi-boastful Isaiah or a representation of the long suffering Israelites or a prefigurement of Jesus?


Go to the Lectionary readings for that Sunday to determine the common theme of the first reading (Isaiah 50) and the Gospel. Since the Gospel is about Christ’s passion, the speaker in the first reading is a prefigured Jesus.