Slide 38: Hints and Cautions

Slide 38

Hints. . .

Avoid four common pit falls when proclaiming.

  • Speaking too fast. Slow way down. Speed kills.
  • And a monotone is almost worse.
    Virtually all readings require appropriate pauses, inflections and emotions.
  • Do not assume the amplification system will carry your voice to the far rear.
    Don’t be shy. Boom it.
  • A pause means pause. Let the listener absorb.

What can you do when you have practiced a particular text and are ambivalent about some aspect of your proclamation?

One solution is to be still, pray, reflect, review and contemplate. Focus on attaining the lector’s mandated goal . . . . that after “careful preparation . . . the faithful by listening to the readings from the sacred texts may develop in their hearts a warm and living love for Sacred Scripture.” General Instruction on the Roman Missal #101

A Word of Caution

If after significant experience as a lector you start to feel relaxed, comfortable and a little cocky about your skills, you absolutely will make elementary proclamation mistakes.

Common errors are not proclaiming some of the words as written or simply losing your place while making eye contact.

The best balm for bright red blushing and a bruised ego is to determine what caused the mistake.

Consider revisiting Session 2, Eight Steps to Success to identify the oversight then practice the cure.

And have a big bite of humble pie.

As you prepare for your next assignment, remember that a little butterflies is healthy.

Now, each listener will be able to easily hear, understand, process, retain and, hopefully, “develop in their hearts a warn and living love for Sacred Scripture.”