Slide 2: Session 1. For New, Get Better and Occasional readers. Should You? Nervous?

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This is Session 1 of our three-session training how-to. 

It’s designed for the person who is considering serving in or is new to the lector ministry and for the experienced lector who want to be best of the best. It is also a for the occasional reader of scripture at a liturgical gathering such as a Confirmation, wedding, funeral or other liturgy. 

Should you be a lector? 

If you have enjoyed reading to a child, you likely will experience joy in the lector ministry. If you’ve read to a group of children, you have already demonstrated skills which include some required by a lector.  And, when you hear, like Elijah, “a tiny whispering sound” inviting you to share a greater knowledge of and love for the Lord God,being a lector is a ministry you will find fulfilling and rewarding.

Are you nervous or uncomfortable speaking to a group?  Concerned about mistakes? 

Spend less than an hour with us to get the proclamation tools you need in order to gain the confidence you want. Learn the simple tricks to be error and embarrassment free.