Slide 3: Great Secret = Practice Aloud

Slide 03

There is “great secret” in becoming a better lector.  It is

  • to practice proclaiming your assigned text multiple times. 
  • Out loud. Always practice aloud. 
  • Repeating: The secret is . . .  to practice proclaiming your assigned text multiple times. Aloud. Always practice out loud. You can never practice too much.

You’ll be amazed how each repetition will reveal a surprising number of small improvements. The cumulative effect will be to nurture in your listeners a “warm and living love for Sacred Scripture.”

This three-part, less-than-an-hour, how-to will enable you become one of the more effective lectors in your parish. You will become closer to our God and Savior.  And, once in a while you will experience a flash of the beatific.

How you gain all this, is a wonder-filled experience. And a significant responsibility.